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Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
I disagree. How fast you go around the track is also largerly associated with power, as much as it is with handling.
I am not here to start an argument, but if there is ONE equalizer to having more power than someone, its called being on a track. Sure, Nurinbergring(sp?) has a lot of straights, but the rest of the 102345363456 tracks in the world the Z06 was tested on does not.....and its still going to absolutely burn an M3 around one. Stop being irrational man, your going on a tangent and the Z is in another performance league in regards to handling, braking, and power. I would tell you this if even if my DD were a Kia.

Unlike most of you who are on here and have all of these theoretical opinions about how each car would perform under a certain track temp, rel. humidity, pressure, wet bulb, dry bulb, blah blah blah.....I am out there doing it. Drag strip, roadcourse, autox....I do them all and I have probably done more than 99% of this forum. In regards to suspension tuning, springs are about 10%. The other 90% is in tuning the shock. Have your opinion all you want about leaf springs, I just find it funny that you are trying to dismiss ANY car because of what it is sprung by. Go work with some IT cars and do some HPDE events and I promise you won't argue about "progressive" springs anymore(as if progressive springs are any sort of cutting edge tech. btw). Hell, for that matter, talk to some of the best autox'ers and ask them about their $200 springs or their $4k+ Motons/Penskes/Ohlins.
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