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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
What exactly is the value of a progressive spring for a vehicle that will need to support a fairly constant mass? If the total m of the system is pretty much a constant, a spring with non-linear k should not provide any noticable benefit. One should be able to control the velocity dependent response characteristics of the suspension system with the damping ratio, which is F=-cv. Also, I believe the Corvette has a variable damping suspension system, which should allow for even futher control of the response characteristics of the suspension.
Springs do not support constant mass. Technically, they do support constant mass, but not constant weight. Weight=force. People often use weight and mass interchangeably, which is ok, but in physics there is a clear delineation because weight takes into account gravity. Nit picking...anway. If you assume frictionless, even road, then yes. Real world ...definitely not. If you are in a curve do you think your springs are experiencing the same force as on the straight?

Damping and springs are two separate things. I believe vette on one of the packages (and caddy as well) have MR fluid suspension which can vary damping and rebound.

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