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Originally Posted by nechronics View Post
wow, great work...can imagine how excited you are
question...are your pics an accurate represntation of what FR looked like? They seem to be pretty damn close from what I can judge.
Well the parking lot has very poor lighting and as much as I wanted to illuminate it with my highbeams it was very difficult, so its hard to really judge with the darkness and the pictures, tomorrow I'll be able to better tell when I see in daylight, maybe someone from the UK who's seen it in daylight and upclose can answer more surely, but I don't want to say yes but it is close...

Originally Posted by Yonkers View Post
What did you think of the FR extended and the aluminum?
FR extended looks much better IRL, not sure if I'll change my order I don't feel its a must have....aluminum also looks good has blueish hue to it and doesn't look bad with the extended, I personally would think it would look better without the extended though b/c its not so busy with 3 colors i.e black dash then aluminum then FR

again hopefully tomorrow morning they'll still be there and I could really get a feel for all the colors, especially MR which I think looked great, its now my second option in color...but right now I got IB/FR....

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