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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
the corvette is not as cheap as you think. you must invest in an array of gold chains and several toupes to drive one.
, good stuff. In regards to a comparison between the two, I guess the reason why they are being compared is because both are world class sports cars/coupes. I am a huge BMW fan. My dad has a 7 series that made me fall in love. For such a huge sedan, it did all the right things. It handled well(esp. for its size), it was quick, it looked good, it had great brakes, and the amount of refinement and quality was unsurpassed. My brother just picked up a 335 Coupe about 6 months ago and equals all points of the 7series, but hauls ass while looking even better. Its very nice cruising down the road being so isolated from the elements, it really gives you a different view on the driving experience. I know back when I was on my huge BMW kick from the 7 series, all of this technology mattered to me to. Vanos, variable intake/exhaust cam timing, variable lift tech., and all of the different programming parameters that BMW now offers on all of their cars it seems. But in the end, if all of the technology that costs SOOOO much to develope could be done more simply and just as effectively, then why have it other than to just say "I have it." That is the approach the corvette team took. If a vette had Vanos tech in the engine, a completely programmable traction control/stability control system, and some fancy electronic user adjustable diff but was only .1sec faster around a track, then what good is it REALLY doing other than just making things more complicated and probably creating more problems than solutions. The vette team seems to operate by the simple philosophy known as KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Many times, the best way to solve a problem is the most simple design. Its cheaper, it works 95% as well as the other much more expensive solution, and its more reliable. Leaf springs are a derivative of this philosophy. The pushrod LS3 V8 is another. Pull the motor from the Escalade, touch up the heads, lighten the valvetrain, employ some new machining specifications on the block for added strength and oil control, work the pistons for small, but numerous revisions and have 436hp and your getting 30mpg on the highway. I was able to get a best of a 12.49@115.54mph in my 08 C6 in completely stock trim. In the end, they are both great cars. BMW offers a great all around vehicle. One that can be tailored to the needs of each individual driver. They offer the flexability the vette does not and for those that bask in new technology, there is no substitute. I work with German engineers, their approach to many design ideas is often ingenious and very unique. There are certainly more simple ways to accomplish the task(see honda and toyota), but in the end the Germans are responsible for the technology push as they are more often on the frontier in their never ending quest for very advanced systems in regards to all aspects of the driving experience. Buy what pleases you, but at the same time, don't trash somebody elses pride and joy. It may not be your cup of tea, but the world isn't made of people like "you".
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