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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
A DOHC design carries some extra weight up top and that is a small draw back of its deisgn. However, the redline of the M3 is quite stupendous. Your post above is a bit dismissive of the value of a high rpm engine. The Vette engine is not absolutely better in all regards, hands down.
OK. maybe I can learn something here, as I am genuinely at a loss.

What is the value of a high rpm engine?

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Also as far as engine weights go: If we can barely agree on what cars weigh and they are regulated by laws, standards and conventions how can we expect folks to meausure and report engine weights in a fair and consistent fashion. For example I seriously doubt that the 6.3 l AMG motor weighs close to the same as the M3s engine. It is so much larger and unless made of unobtainium larger generally = heavier. And they are the same basic layout/design as well making it an "apples to apples".
First of all, in this forum, we can barely agree that the sun rises in the east, so of what value is that particular comment?

Secondly, engine weights are regulated under SAE Standard J2038, and although I don't know what the DIN/EC standard is that regulates these things, you can absolutely bet that there is one.

Are they different? Almost certainly yes, but by how much? I don't know, but I have been told that the standards are different only in detail. That is to say, published weights, DIN/EC to SAE will only vary by relatively small amounts. Of course, this isn't proof.

If anybody actually has specific info on this, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Meanwhile, Swamp, you can believe that the Mercedes vs BMW engine weights are published under the same standard - although I'm quite sure you won't.