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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
All sorts of declarations against violence have been made by North American and European Imams. Very few, it seems, come from the Middle East, where fear and hatred of the U.S. is most encountered, where Israel is the obvious enemy.
I agree that very few IT SEEMS in the middle east take action, however, be assured that while we quietly perform our prayers in the Mosque the Imam always gives speeches to condemn these bloody acts. This is something that goes on within all Mosques in the world.

Apart from that we also have other events at Mosques to discuss terrorism in the world. The reason why IT SEEMS these things dont go on is because even the media is controlled. The media doesnt show us this sort of thing. In the same way, we dont have HUGE press coverage about the yearly Zakat we Muslims take part in where 2.5% of our total income is given to the poor.

Even Hajj doesnt have HUGE press coverage even though it is the most amazing thing to see. Millions of poor, rich, black and white Muslims all wear the same clothing, eat the same food, sleep in the same places and take part in the same pilgrimage.

Originally Posted by Neurorad
HKS, even though you say the Koran does not justify terrorism, it's a fact that many Muslims hate the U.S., and on 9/11 the streets were filled all over the world with celebrating Muslims.

I would like to make it clear that outside of the Middle East, where Muslims live and work among non-Muslims (North America, Europe), the followers of Islam, for the most part, openly condemn terrorism.

In the Middle East, Muslims use (wrongly, as HKS makes it clear) the Koran to justify terrorism. But that doesn't stop them from doing it.
I totally agree bro, that's why it's on a political level.

Originally Posted by Neurorad
So, HKS, what should be done to stop terrorists from using Islam as justification for their acts, and giving all Muslims a bad name? Please be specific.
To be specific, I say we have to look at it on a political level. Despite military action in Iraq and Afghanistan terrorism and hate is still across the world. How will guns even solve anything? Muslims and Non-Muslims have to come together and find common terms so that we can find peaceful ways to live with eachother. Oppression and greed needs to stop, but so does the suicide bombing.