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All over the world, Muslims show disdain for non-Muslims. I understand the vast majority of Muslims would never do anything personally to hurt another human. But that doesn't translate into action.

All sorts of declarations against violence have been made by North American and European Imams. Very few, it seems, come from the Middle East, where fear and hatred of the U.S. is most encountered, where Israel is the obvious enemy.

HKS, even though you say the Koran does not justify terrorism, it's a fact that many Muslims hate the U.S., and on 9/11 the streets were filled all over the world with celebrating Muslims.

I would like to make it clear that outside of the Middle East, where Muslims live and work among non-Muslims (North America, Europe), the followers of Islam, for the most part, openly condemn terrorism.

In the Middle East, Muslims use (wrongly, as HKS makes it clear) the Koran to justify terrorism. But that doesn't stop them from doing it.

So, HKS, what should be done to stop terrorists from using Islam as justification for their acts, and giving all Muslims a bad name? Please be specific.