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Originally Posted by e90im View Post

Don't you think that local Muslim elders are indoctrinating young guys to go blow themselves up.

I agree that there is frustration in the middle east due to US presence, but most of 9-11 attackers were educated and exposed to western culture enough to see that it is no all evil.

My point is that your local imam must guide in a positive way.
Best example is the Danish cartoon issue being blown way out of proportion by Muslim religious leaders.
Agree and disagree

I totally agree that it is the responsibility of our religious leaders in Mosques. I would even go further to say it is the responsibility of EVERY muslim. However, the local Imams in my area are perfectly peaceful. We even have open days for non-muslims to come see what Islam is really all about.

I also do agree that there are a few Imams who try to spread evil. What can we true Muslims do except speak against them? That's why we have websites, books, lectures, events etc. Physically we cant do anything to stop them carrying out their attacks.

Now I guess we must ask ourselves why after the true light of Islam has been shown to these Muslims do they still carry out their attacks? I think a LOT of them feel oppressed and feel pain for their oppressed brothers in the East. They have come to hate non-muslims and not trust any at all.

That's why I think a lot of this is on a political level. No Muslim would give his blood by blowing himself up for no reason. Either he is brainwashed or he feels oppressed or pain for his oppressed brother. I think the brainwashing part is what you are reffering to.

I totally agree and have pointed out our efforts to stop this, but we must address the political aspect. But how can we? The west and the media have succeeded in portraying Muslims to be violent people. We read about "Islamic terrorists" and "Islamic Jihadists" and that's had an effect on how people think.

So how can the western governments now sit down and talk to these terrorists after branding them as animals? The public would reject it. Also, it's not in their interest. At the moment the west can get into any land they wish even by telling lies.

Regarding 9/11, I dont even know if I believe it to be what America told us it was. I wont go as far to say that it was fake and I know it 100%, but I do strongly suspect it was. Even if it wasnt, the dispute over the oppression in the East started way before 9/11.