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Originally Posted by goldminer View Post
While I agree with you to some extent the average of the 4 prices in the poll above is almost $20k less the the price of a S4. I think you're dreaming if you think it is going to come in anyewhere near that.
I assume you mean RS4? If you want to make an Audi - BMW comparison look at the S6 and M5, the M5 is about 10% more than the S6 when they are similarly equipped. Add a 10% price increase to the S5's starting price and you're looking at the low 70's. BMW has a very tricky job pricing the car, but I think the fact that the last M3 was an 06 helps quite a bit. Either way we should know very soon.

also the RS4 was a very limited production car, something like 10k were built (and less than 2k went to the us, I seem to remember hearing 250 for Canada). Much easier to support that level of pricing when you're selling 10x the number of cars.

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