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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Q. Why do people expect the full responsibility to rest on true Muslims shoulders?

A. Not clear.

I'll tell you what I think though... I think it's unacceptable to make it just our responsibility. The fact is that we have our speeches at Mosques, we have our events and lectures, we write books and websites to show the TRUE light of Islam.

Now, what more can we do apart from that? These terrorists have access to arms, explosives and other resources. It is EXTREMELY hard to stop them using such things. I mean, it's like asking "Why do American and British people allow their governments and armies to start illegal wars based on lies?" There has been objection to the war in Iraq ALL over the world and even that didnt put a stop to it...

Let me answer to you by asking a question...
Are you a Jew

There are terror attacks from all sides, ones are more popularized through the media, others are just classified differently (Iraq war), and so on...
Imagine this -- people defending their country and fighting the occupator we call the insurgents, which is equalized in the heads of 90% of Americans as terrorists...
On the other hand, we call us the liberators for killing tens of thousands of innocent (call them a colleteral damage to wash our hands), destroy country's infrastructure and everything else...

On a contrary, somewhere else, lets say in Serbia, the part of the country wants to separate completely ILLEGALLY and against any rules, and our government is pushing and supporting the move, yet, the current leaders in Kosovo are former leaders of the , according to our government, illegal terrorist organization. Also, any idea of separating a piece of land in this country was dealt with in the most "humane" way by burning the source of the idea...