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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post has several people in with MSRP orders.

My long time GT-R fan and forum participant take:

GT-R's will be available at MSRP if you are willing to wait up to a year, and wise-well do so anyway to avoid the 1st teething issues.

I frequently check out that forum as well. There are several buying at MSRP, but several isn't 1500, yet. I hope that these cars are sold at MSRP.

It simply comes to to supply and demand. If the following is very high and Nissan keeps our yearly allocations to 1500, then there very well may be mark ups. With as few as 1500 cars per year dealers and speculators can essentially control the market. No one knows if this will happen or not.

Presently there are about 700 +/- of the 1069 dealers participating in the program. There was/is a $25,000 program fee plus training and equipment (a special alignment rack is required too.) so the fees add up quickly. I do think that numerous dealers will still try to get big mark ups. Of course, time typically heals everything.

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