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Originally Posted by The_Blob View Post
I can tell that it's a fake Omega because the watch dial is so large and the bracelet is not proportional to the watch dial. How much did you pay for the watch? I would rather buy a real Swiss watch, than a fake one. Like a cheap Swiss Army watch. I doubt your watch is water resistant or shock resistant.

I have this watch with a black leather strap for almost 10 years. Nice, unprententious, classy. Not a flawless watch, as I did bring it in for some minor problems such as water leakage, and a broken strap but they were fixed under warranty. Yep, the strap broke in two weaks, the cheapo German made strap you see in the pic above which is made out of nylon and leather. bad, I didn't know fake Omegas had bigger dials, thats all we had here in America, I'll look out for a better fake next time with a proportional dial buddy...