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about the coupe vs sedan thing. The sales manager said he could turn any coupe into a sedan and sedan into coupe so i think i'm at the end of the list after the coupes. I had heard on the phone back last year from an unnamed rep that the first few cars would be going at "what the market would bear." The manager and my sales rep assured me that this was not the case and that my order would be at msrp and when my turn came up I would be able to order. He said he was sure he could get me a car by some time in the spring. I called a few times and they didnt know anything about the launch, or about allocations, or about order sheets, or about specs. I know that the list for coupes is about 20, and my number for sedan is 2 so im probably somewhere around 20th in line.

I do keep getting phone calls from bmw manhattan asking if i want to buy a sedan but I keep playing phone tag with the guy.