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Originally Posted by DJ9 View Post
Not sure what you're saying bud, sorry.

Yes the rear sticker thing is annoying, but it is only a sticker and not a badge. Like my current M3, which was a custom order from BMW of SF, I asked that they not put one on upon biggie.

Yes, I too have an order with an April delivery date despite BMW of SF's stance; I was just curious as to the feedback others in the bay were getting from the dealers.

If you do go to BMW of SF, work with Andy, the Sales Manager, as opposed to Gert(he has no clue)

Thanks for the feedback!
Gert was jsut bounceing around trying to get me to commit to one of there dealer ordered M3's. But I clearly wanted to order mine the way I wanted it. gert couldnt understand that and gave me the "you wont be able to order for the next 2 years" speach. ya andy is a good guy, he wasnt there the day I spoke with gert or I would have talked with him.

Dunno I hear alot of people leave bad reviews about SF BMW for buying cars their. I only have ties with their wholeslae parts department and the guys behind those counters are great.

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