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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Ya, and your technologically advanced S65 does not have the horsepower, torque, and worst of all, efficiency of new GT2, huge 8.4 Viper, or Z06. Now that is "technological advancement" at it's shining best. Please show me a more powerful and efficient production engine from the mighty M or any any auto manufacturer for that matter, that can match the lowly Chevy push rod LS9 in the ZR1. Please show me.

Read any reviews of the the M3's on-center steering feel? It can't even compete with a base 328.

By the way have you seen the interiors in the 2008 Vettes. Makes the M3's interior look like you are attending a funeral.
Corvettes are clearly not for just street/drag racing anymore. They handle and brake beautifully. Yes, we can argue back and forth about the merits of a technologically advanced engine, but in the end it's what the engine yields and uses that's important. There is no denying that the vette, especially the Z cars provide of lot of yield for a lot less use than the M does. Power per liter is impressive on a stat sheet and from an engineering viewpoint (I truely admire that), but it doesn't really matter unless you have racing restrictions that limit displacement. As we all know, there are none on the street. I am still a fan of the techno group (basically BMW/Porsche) but Corvettes compete very nicely for a whole lot less money and fuel. Too bad that stigma still attaches.

Ruff, as far as interiors go, I think that you are crazy. I spent some time in a 2008 Z06 and LS3 (test driving them) and I have to say, the interiors are cheap. BMW's are spartan and appear to be of a lessor quality than previous years but there is no way that Chevy has bested them in interior quailty.

Anyway, to the point, I think that although the M's speed numbers seem to be a little faster, the LS3 will still take the M in raw street races. I've seen this so many times where car X posts better performance numbers in the mags/rags, then on the street common sense prevails. Common sense here is power to weight by a large margin in favor of the Corvette. I would assume that the vette has better tire contact and less drag too.

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