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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
You're the best example of the "learning effect" I was talking of. Since you could be taught not to post in the wrong forum I'm confident it's possible for others, too.

Besides that I'm touched that you're concerned with my life. But do yourself a favor and don't worry so much about other people while losing sight of your own wants.

I'm honestly sorry you never could forgive me for blaming your R8 praise; since then every post of mine may harass you. Here was hope we could get over it.

Best regards, south
No offense but it would be great if you could stay on topic here and subjugate your desire to deflect and distract.

Regarding the topic of the thread, I'm surprised that MB has lagged so much on a DSG type of transmission. I think the M3 has a tremendous edge over the C63 right now and will still maintain that even when MB drops their new transmission into the C63.

The M-DCT has definitely pushed me into the M3 camp and I can't wait to get one this fall.