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Originally Posted by jr'sxi View Post
I contracted to purchase a 335xi and was told i may be delayed as it was on the ship BEHIND the Courage. I had delivery scheduled for Tuesday and insurance cards sent to me. On Monday I received a call from the dealer who said it would not be delivered Tuesday but probably Saturday. At that time I asked 'are you sure it was on the boat behind the Courage?' and was told 'yes'. I changed the insurance effective date to Saturday.

Friday I received a call from the dealer telling me to change the effective date on the insurance as it would not be delivered Saturday and they couldn't promise exactly when it would be delivered. Again I asked 'are you sure it was on the boat behind the Courage?' and again I was told 'yes'.

Something didn't smell right so I went to the WWL shipping site and entered the VIN and found out the car WAS on the Courage. I called the dealer and was furious. They said their system doesn't tell exactly which ship the car is on but they would call the port again and find out the status. They called back and told me the car had a one inch scratch on the bumper and according to BMW policy the whole bumper had to be replaced.

I explained that, having been lied to in the first instance, I was not sure how to believe them about the extent of the damage. They reiterated that it was a one inch scratch.

So, here is the question. It is hard to find the exactly equipped car anywhere near me in another dealer's inventory. One other dealer has it minus the iPod integration (which I really did want). The first dealer asked me to give them to monday to see if they could get me a delivery date. So, should I believe them about the extent of the damage? Is there any documentation? Is there a way to verify what the dealer is telling me? Would you accept this vehicle? What to do, what to do , what to do?
If the article in the NY Times was accurate. "Mr. Plucinsky said BMW had contacted the customers affected. For models whose damage is less than 3 percent of its value, buyers can choose to accept a repaired car or a similar model, or have a new car built to order." I would be contacting Mr. Plucinsky that you had not been contacted.