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Nice first post

Originally Posted by Krueger///M3 View Post
This is starting to sound like a chevy commercial. Chevy might be able to put huge 7 plus liter engines in their cars but the engineering doesn't come close to BMW standards. Who cares if the Corvette ends up being a few tenths of a second faster, everyone here knows that the M3 rules. And plus, aren't Corvettes only for middle-aged men with mullets?

I do not have a mullet, not enough hair, I own a C-6 and have track time in a
M3 both e-46 and in the E-92 series

I would place money on the fact that you haven't driven the New M-3
(safe bet) so saying it rules it a bit naive, especially since you have not
experienced the new Corvette.

The engineering of the Corvette is much better than you think, The BMW is
a well engineered, wonderful sports coupe that holds 4 people. I have ordered mine and will pick it up in Munich in March.

The seat time in an M-3 shows it is a great car, the Corvette surprised me,
and yes I know this is an M3 forum.

Don't (dis)respect what you do not know, or what you have not experienced

I never thought I would own a Corvette, in fact i had a lot of prejudice against them, until I drove a C6 at Portland International raceway. It is a world class handling car, and I dissed Corvettes for the last 20 years

The M-3 is like having a family car you can race, its that good. the
Corvette is more difficult to drive fast on rough surfaces, overall it will put a grin on your face at least equal to the M-3 for 20K less.

being open minded and respectful may help

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