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I'm not sure what "huge" means in this context, but just so you know, the 6.2 LS3 motor in the new Vette weighs 433 pounds, while the 7 liter Z06 tips the scales at 453 pounds. These seem to match up fairly well with the 445 pound M3 V8, no?
engine is the only thing corvette has. to be fair, even the engine is nothing special. bmw can extract 100hp+/liter any day, out of any engine.

while ls3 and ls7 are more advanced than predecessors, there is absolutely zero technological advancement. engine is still a push-rod with 16 valves and getting 505hp out of 7L or 436 out of 6.2L is nothing special. of course in a typical GM matter, to obtain extra 36hp, instead of revising intake/exhaust sides out of their previous 6L engine, chevy increases displacement. how innovative!!!

haven't been following on suspension. are they still on leaf springs? interior is still out of a rental malibu and on-center steering feel is disastrous in comparison to any other $50k performance car.

great power bargain for drag strip. thats about it.