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Originally Posted by SHADY1 View Post
I got a few questions I am just a little confused. I am having my M3 shipped to California. My home of record is California, I am stationed in Texas. Once I get my Vin number I know I have to pay for the car. Do I get any type of papers on the car before it is put on the ship that I can use to register the car in Texas get plates to put on the car, then go to California and pick up the car from the port. I know if I register the Car in California my home of record they will kill me on taxes.
You should get a purchase order with the VIN and final price on it. I would suggest you go to your local DMV in Texas and find out exactly what you will need and how much $$$$ it will be to register your M3 in Texas. Then make sure you get the required DMV paperwork from your CA.