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Originally Posted by Krueger///M3 View Post
Chevy might be able to put huge 7 plus liter engines in their cars but the engineering doesn't come close to BMW standards.
I'm not sure what "huge" means in this context, but just so you know, the 6.2 LS3 motor in the new Vette weighs 433 pounds, while the 7 liter Z06 tips the scales at 453 pounds. These seem to match up fairly well with the 445 pound M3 V8, no?

Originally Posted by Krueger///M3 View Post
Who cares if the Corvette ends up being a few tenths of a second faster, everyone here knows that the M3 rules.
In my particular kingdom, the new M3 has yet to be crowned. I'll try one out, but after my disappointment with our E46 M3 (mostly due to size and weight), I'm thinking the new one may be too much of a porker to be really fun to drive.

Looks as if you also think that the new Vette will be quicker and faster than the M3, so we at least agree on that.

Originally Posted by Krueger///M3 View Post
And plus, aren't Corvettes only for middle-aged men with mullets?
Good one!

Most of us can make up our own minds about cars, however, and in case you hadn't noticed, BMW owners/drivers are also routinely ridiculed. If you really, really care about your image, please buy whatever you think you should buy in order to prop it up.