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MFest 2008: March 7-9 LA/Vegas Caravan! Already 150+ Cars signed up!

Guys, this is open to all BMWs!!! If it's an event set up by laidback, that's an event not to be missed!

To all:

Here is the run down of events/ activities that is going to take place at the Mfest 08'


9 am: there will be a huge caravan leaving from SoCal and we will be meeting up with the Norcal group up in Barstow and all the sponsors who will be attending the Mfest (btw guys majority of our sponsors will be coming) will also join us on the caravan...

1pm - 3pm check in at Red Rock Resort and Casino spa

4pm -8 p.m. Eurotech Motoring will be hosting a bbq Meet at their shop and they will be bringing their cars out...we will also be able to meet the local Vegas members and other members from different forums...

9 p.m. we will go to Cherry Club ( in Red Rock )for alittle bit of R and R ...


7 a.m Formation, briefing of the location/ road condition and participants will check their own cars (fluids, tire pressure and etc) Red Rock Resort Spa parking lot...

8 a.m This will start the biggest gathering of M cars (and other cars aswell will be joining us) for a caravan and cruise around Sin City in which we will be taking alot of pictures and video along the way (routes/ location TBA at the gathering before the caravan)...this will also include the Vegas strip shots of all the cars...

12 noon will be lunch

2 p.m. -6pm we will be gathering back to the parking lot to meet and greet other members and be able to talk with our sponsors... at the same time we will also raffle all the goodies that our sponsors will be giving away...

There will be a commemorative t shirt, Mfest 2008 CD, Speedventures gift certificate and a free raffle ticket... all for $20.00

7pm Dinner time

9 p.m. there will be a a couple of limos that will pick us up from Red Rock and will take all the guys who are in for some night life party (TBA but be prepared to pre pay $150- 200 per person)

For those people who just wants to hang out or would like to do some sight seeing/ watch shows...this the time to do it...


We will have a big brunch (TBA) and as some have signed up for the Track Day event at Spring mountain which will be hosted by will be going this day....

A few rules for the Mfest to be followed at all times...

1. Relax...Don't be too up tight... remember your coming to the Mfest to have fun, meet your fellow enthusiast/ new friends and have a good time...

2. If your thinking of testing the limits of your car/s on public roads... this is NOT the right event for you. but we will have a track day Sunday for those interested in improving their skills. which will be sponsored by

3. Be respectful with others and do not follow too close....No stupid/ uneccesary moves that will keep YOU and OTHERS in harms way...

The Mfest is open to every enthusiast out there as long as they read and agrees with the rules...

Again i thank you for all your patience and cooperation on this momentus event and start planning and finalizing your trip for the first ever MFest!!!

Btw bring two way radios on this trip...

For people who want to sign up, please contact laidback at here's a master link of the event:

The Master List of Mcars total...150+ confirmed and still growing:


1. Laidback*
2. Thaichi808*
3. Gbogh3*
4. Robar*
5. Haidar*
6. Batwife*
7. Ghostryder+1*
8. Roadwarrior687*
9. Sativa*
10. Richard NC*
11. gra8fuldd ed*
12. Mfeeva*
13. DoctorWill*
14. M5boy*
15. Tyrone*
16. Mcinco*
17. Palantirion*
18. 415banker*
19. Raff*
20. Lestat +2*
21. DRM*
22. Hawkwind*
23. Aw/ir02smg*
24. Mrtm2004*
25. Greer*
26. Mandisa +1*
27. bodaddy
28. Bear*
29. Chris@BMS +2*
30. BKH*
31. Cosmos*
32. XMN *
33. Powerbeast*
34. Crnjy +1*
35. E39 ///M Power*
36. N2speedn*
37. ALTANertive*
38. M5baller*
39. Rab Dog*
46. Bugzy
47. Falb
48. SoCalJD
49. M5froth
50. InterlagosBlueMPower
51. sandiego
52. s4kebomb
53. EM 5
54. Hattrick
55. cpiguy
56. M55555
57. gawuppyM3*
58. Suprempower +2*
59. DPE wheels +2
60. Vorsteiner +1
61. Powerchip +2
62. RPI +2
63. DannyOh


1. Revman*
2. Barry*
3. Emperor + (he will be organizing the NorCal contingent with Barry)*
4. Gustav*
5. Ard (hoping he makes it)
6. Dick Fidd


1. Carbon01 + 2 or 3*
2. Mike S.*
3. SpiritedDriver*
4. Outlaw1-2007 z06
5. GT40MkI-2001 m5
6. BMWM5Driver


1. Torquedog*
2. Rembrant*

New York

1. MichalBorz


1. Beewang*
3. 4MYNEED* Idaho

Colorado and neighboring county

1. Knave*
2. DentalBoy*


1. Serhschnell*
2. lohe*
3. Eforty6ix*

Washington State and neighboring areas

1. Rate39M
2. m5james

Arizona and neighboring county NO action yet from the Arizona contingent guys pls pm me to confirm...thanks

1. Scorpio
2. BlueDevil

North Carolina

1.Richard in NC*
2. jaycell

Las Vegas Local

1. The Bowens*
2. JamesinLV*
3. 1mpowerme*
4. NV M6 *
5. Archille*
6. Cerberus*
7. ChrisR*
8. Nstg8tr*
9. jb1219*
10. mrpropaganda*
11. Z4M
1. Park2670 (Utah)
2. Zeddy4me
4. Karmasabish
5. Alpine M


1. emperor
2. g0tph0
3. MarqE46
4. SEI + friend with 997TT
5. Yellow fever
6. Jtrejo
7. Mrtrm2004
12. Sprintlane crew 5-8 M3's
13. tp///M3