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[quote=1198r;2120910]It's been a glorious sunny day here in UK, with temp up to 15 deg C (for early Feb this is not normal - but then what is?).

I was out in the M3 and ahead of me saw a white 911 - keen to see what it was, I booted it and as the car in front pulled over I saw it was a new 997 GT3 - wide rear wheel arches and that fantastic wing - I think he was slightly surprised to see me in his rear view mirror. He kindly pulled over and I passed. He then followed. I am very pleased to say he kept his distance and we went rather fast. The view in the rear view mirror was awesome - a mix of halogen blue headlight, white bodywork glistening in the sun and the black grilles - all looked squat and mean and purposeful.

I then put the window down and waved him to come by - which he did - and I gestured he had an amazing car - he smiled and waved back. He put the foot down and I listened and it was heaven - and amazing sound.

Cool story. It's nice to hear opposing marque's showing respect. Yeah... the sound of a GT3, incredible.