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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I don't know if you realize that you have to own a F car first before you can get on a lengthy list for a new one. For example, my friend had to buy a used 360 for over sticker to get on the list for a 430 (had a 2 year wait) which he is buying for MSRP. If you sell your new F car within a year you have to give the dealer something like 30% of the profit. It's such a scheme.
I realize you can't just walk into a Ferrari dealer and drive out with a 430, but I didn't realize the demand exceeded supply to the extent you describe given the car has been around for 4 years. I would have thought more in the lines of a 9-12 month wait for a new one. Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

Having said that, on a somewhat tangential note, I bet it would cost considerably more than the $8-10k option price to have a new F1 transmission installed in a 430.