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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I kind of agree, but how much does a used 430 cost? And how much does a new Ferrari transmission cost installed? If we look at that ratio, I suspect that the cost of the transmission would not be exactly negligible even to someone who can afford a used 430 unless they simply are loaded to the degree that they don't care, but then why are they buying a used car? Regardless, you might be right in the sense that a 430 buyer, used or new, might not be thinking in those terms and doing that kind of math. I don't know much about miles on a used Ferrari; you most likely know more about that than I do, and you are right in the sense that this might not be a major issue in that sense.
I am not sure how much the F1 option is, but I am fairly certain that it is expensive, as in $8-10K. Used 430 F cars are going for more than MSRP, anywhere from $50-100K. Of course, that may lessen a bit soon because the next generation is just around the corner. I don't know if you realize that you have to own a F car first before you can get on a lengthy list for a new one. For example, my friend had to buy a used 360 for over sticker to get on the list for a 430 (had a 2 year wait) which he is buying for MSRP. If you sell your new F car within a year you have to give the dealer something like 30% of the profit. It's such a scheme.

Many of the buyers finance them with interest only loans because of the appreciation, kind of like the housing market in some areas. Of course, that didn't go so well.

Mileage and accidents will make a value of a F car drop very fast. It doesn't matter how good the repair is, if it's on record it'll depreciate 15-20%.