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Originally Posted by devo View Post
That is truely a rich mans car. Even if you could afford one you can't drive it so you still end up buying another hot car that you can drive and a daily driver to boot. So, Ferrari's are usually at least three deep.
I kind of agree, but how much does a used 430 cost? And how much does a new Ferrari transmission cost installed? If we look at that ratio, I suspect that the cost of the transmission would not be exactly negligible even to someone who can afford a used 430 unless they simply are loaded to the degree that they don't care, but then why are they buying a used car? Regardless, you might be right in the sense that a 430 buyer, used or new, might not be thinking in those terms and doing that kind of math. I don't know much about miles on a used Ferrari; you most likely know more about that than I do, and you are right in the sense that this might not be a major issue in that sense.