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Originally Posted by rvacha View Post
I'm not normally one of those guys but I think you are missing some things here. IMHO one of the things that gives BMW owners a bad name is vanity, and your concern about being seen (or not seen) qualifies in spades. Second, the fact that some obscure forums aren't getting read simply reinforces that the info they contain is not central to the interests of the majority of board members. I agree with your C63 comment however
I don't care about being seen (or not seen), but I do care about sifting through other threads that are littered with . Reposts and information posted in the wrong section agitate some people more than others. Personally, I either read it and realize it is a repost, and then leave it alone, or ignore it completely. The REPOST and posts are equally as useless. They are a waste of time, just like the discussion I have just created.

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