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Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
could be a sales ploy don't quote me on that. Or they heard aluminum prices are going down so there holding back for a deal. Lol I don't know I'm talking out of my ass. I just haven't heard anyone from out of the stats complaining about any short comings on their orders.

Anyone Canada? Europe? Africa? Middle East? China? Japan? or anyone else I have left out...

*listens to the wind blow by*
Keep in mind that USA customers seem to get far more detailed info re: their production status than everyone else.

BTW I'm in the UK and ordered a 4 door M3 in November which launches in March. I'm no.1 on my dealer list, they finally got an allocation on Monday and I was told it's week 16 production with week 20 delivery and I have the 19" wheels too btw That's mid may delivery for a car I was hoping I get in March

So for anyone saying production has been delayed make sure you clarify if you've ordered 4 door or 2 door as there might be delays with the 4 door?