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I love squats and deadlifts
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Originally Posted by matt.love84 View Post
I've been on this set for the plast month now, it's going pretty well. I eat about 6 times a day, 3 small, 3 med. sized meals. Mainly a diet of Fish, Chicken, LOTS OF SOLID TUNAhaha, brown rice, a small mix of fruits and a lot of salads. The only thing I drink now as well would be water and lemon juice.

Before each workout I do about 10 minutes on the bike as well.

Monday - Chest
3 sets - 20-30 reps - push ups
3 sets - 20-30 reps - nautilus press
3 sets - 20-30 reps - nautilus incline press
3 sets - 20-30 reps - pec deck machine

Tuesday - Back
3 sets - 20-30 reps - pull ups
3 sets - 20-30 reps - seated rows
3 sets - 20-30 reps - lat pull downs
3 sets - 20-30 reps - t bar rows

Wednesday - Shoulders
3 sets - 20-30 reps - arnold press
3 sets - 20-30 reps - laterals
3 sets - 20-30 reps - front raises

Thursday - Biceps & Triceps
3 sets - 20-30 reps - nautilus curl machine
3 sets - 20-30 reps - ez curls cable
3 sets - 20-30 reps - hammer curls
3 sets - 20-30 reps - push downs

Treadmill 1 hour.

Sat/Sun off

Saturday or Sunday I'll usually go out and do some sort of physical activity as well (paintball, beach, etc.)
Great that you are exercising but here are a few suggestions. As I said in the above post, you definitely NEED to do your legs.

Second suggestion is that you are doing WAY too many reps. If you can do 30 reps then the weight is not heavy enough and you won't really grow muscle that fast. Here is the way it works: If you lift HEAVY HEAVY weight your body goes into a shock and says: "Holy $hit, I need to grow the muscles since this MOFO is working me to death due to the heavy lifts he's doing". In other words, your body is shocked and tries to grow muscles as fast as possible to get used to the heavy weight. This is why you should keep the reps around 5 and no more than 8. Majority of my exercises are done 5 sets with 5 reps but I usually can't finish the last 1-2 reps because it's so heavy. I've been following this routine and I'm benching 225 lbs since I've started to work out in May 2007.

When I first started I didn't know what I was doing so I would always do lots of reps. Once I changed to low rep count and high weight, the muscles just started to come on.

If you want to do further research then google the following term: "5x5"

Post here is you need help with anything.