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I can't wait to see bynum schooling shaq in the paint and lakers beating the Suns and the spurs.... Greatness brings jealousy and that's what most people have. Lakers are one of the greatest franchise in sports history so the spurs fan; good luck with that!!!!!

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I think he's trying to say Kobe sucks because he only had 6 points. Who cares if Lebrone James would've sat out a week with a dislocated finger. Who cares Kobe had more assists then points and were playing the type of ball all the haters had claim he SHOULD be playing. Who cares the Lakers won that game and came close the game after with a 3-2 road record so far. Who cares that the Suns got sooo desperate after hearing the Laker trade that they gave away one of their top scorer for a player just weeks ago were under retirement speculation and had already missed 15 games this season. Who cares right? Because he hate the lakers and hates kobe. I feel for him. If I wasn't a laker fan, I'd probably be eating some mighty sour grape right now too.