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I offered two audio series which are an academic study of Christianity and Prophecy. If you're concerned about where this country (and this world) are headed, you should really spend some time on that site. If nothing else you would find it fascinating, and you would have an understanding of the Bible. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. Personally, I've studied about Islam, and New Age beliefs. I won't offer my opinion on them, because I don't want to be offensive to those that might adhere to those religions. It is truly fascinating to compare Biblical Prophecy with Islamic Prophecy....they match up perfectly, yet are completely opposed to each other.

I know you won't believe me, but if you were to study the Bible, specifically the prophetic scriptures, and understood what the Bible says, you would be amazed at how accurate it is. You would look at the headlines of our day in a whole new way.

I actually agree with you about Christians acting like they are morally superior to everyone else. It's terrible. If the truth be known, if I meet someone and all they talk about is what a great Christian they are, and how they go to church every Sunday, it throws up a huge red flag for me. To me, being a Christian is more about your everyday actions than what you say. Do I go to church? yes. Every Sunday? no. Actually, I'm in the process of looking for a new church because I got sick of the holier than thou attitude that I encountered among the members and the Pastor at my old church. I went to a Sunday school class, and they were saying that all homosexuals will burn in hell for their sins. My response was, well if you haven't committed a sin, then go ahead and judge them, but until you have lived their life, you need to butt out. My wife had to keep me from walking out. And I have no gay friends, relatives or anything else.....I just agree with you that the attitude is disturbing. Do I watch TBN, and other religious networks? Not really, I think for the most part they're just making a very nice living. I honestly question a lot of them.

But you make it sound like my parents said, "you're a Christian", and I said, "duh, okay". No, I have taken a lot of time to study it and learn about it. I don't judge it on the people that I know who say they are Christians.

As for the election, I would take Ron Paul over all of them. I just want the government to butt out of my life.

I seriously doubt that you have had a bunch of Methodists or Bapists show up at your door, and try to convert you. Mormons? Probably, but THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIANS! They try to say they are, but their beliefs are completely out of line with Christianity.

My point to all this is, if you have questions go study it, which it sounds like you do. Heck, go study Islam and Budhism for that matter. Decide which you think is right. And if you decide that it's all a bunch of crap, then so be it, just don't belittle those of us that don't agree with you.

I've pointed you to the best site that I know of to learn about Christian beliefs. It is not some whacky guy yelling at you about salvation. The guy that started it was CEO of a few major defense contractors, he made millions, had a few Ferraris and decided that he wanted to just study and learn about religion. He's very level headed, and has gone to great lengths to really understand what he's talking about. Like I said if you want to learn about it, go there. I have no idea what his IQ is, but I have a feeling it's way up there.

Anyway, sorry if I've made you mad in anyway. I might have gotten a little defensive at times, and I wish you all the luck in the world. And if you do have any questions PM me or soemthing. I promise I won't try to "convert" or "save" you, but if you want I can provide some pretty good resources that you can read/watch/listen to that aren't the in your face, holier than thou stuff. Actually the study of religions and cultures can be very interesting whether you buy into them or not.