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Another review: M3 E90 vs C63 030 PP

The M3 won all categories but engine/transmission (which was close 752 for the C63 to 750 for M3), in total: 3131 points M3, 3057 C63.

The M3 is better on track and wins this test since it's the "better one". But the C63 is one of the most dynamic Mercedes models. They didn't like the PP, which adds not much to the performance but worsens the comfort.

0-100 kph|0-200|slalom18m|braking dist|weight|handling course
M3: 5.0s | 15.9s | 66.8kph | 35.6/34.6m | 1655kg | 1:38.7 min
C63: 4.6s | 15.3s | 65.4kph | 36.2/35.4m | 1820kg | 1:40.0 min

M3 was on Michelin Pilot Sport 2 (18"), Manual gearbox.
C63 had Pirelli P Zero (18") and the Performance Package (030).