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Originally Posted by RenaultOne View Post
Lakers FTW Gasol with 24pts and 12 boards on debut!

i thought steve kerr was ftw

he sounds good as an analyst, and i assumed he'd be a solid whatever he does in phoenix, but i don't know. it feels like he's being pushed by his bosses or something to make a move like this happen. Ric Bucher of ESPN predicted something that sounded spot on to me

they want his defense against the Duncans, Boozers, Gasols, and even Aldridges! BUT they aren't a Shaq team which is a grind it out and wear out all your PFs and C's team which is why i think Shaq would probably be unhappy with his offensive production or lack of. I don't see how anyone could guard Tim Duncan very well anyway. The only person to have any relative success was Garnett and Kurt Thomas.