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Opinion of Pilot Sport Cup + in bad weather

OK - I can report on driving in quite severe weather conditions.

Went to my local golf driving range to hone the tiger swing . On way roads were mix of damp and dry. E46 csl said hello on the way too (man that car still looks good). Anyway, I pushed the front and rear quite a bit - all with traction on and the car behaved very well. The front did not slide once and the rear did not require any electronic intervention. I had complete confidence in the car and tyres.

Whilst hitting 300 yard drives and peppering the flags the weather went all weird. First lightning, then thunder then the most amazing hail storm I have ever witnessed. Little white ice rocks fell for a good three minutes, transforming the car park and roads into a very wet and slippery place. The first thing I did was take advantage of the big space I was in and floored it in first with traction on. It was amazing how the car kept going in a straight line whilst the dash flashed yellow all the time. Out onto the road and the ice was quickly turning to water and there were large amounts of standing water. I drove along A road towards motorway and have to say that I did not have one issue with tyres/car getting out of control. yes electronics were all on but I drove the car how I would with other tyres on in these conditions - safely! Front end grip was tested by pushing it a bit round some corners with no standing water and I did not have one slide! I also tried an emergency brake from 50mph and car stayed in straight line - abs did not come on at all - which i'm still trying to fathom.

I then went on motorway knowing there would be a lot of standing water. I went up to 85mph and again no problem. Steering went a little light over some streams running across carriageway - but this would have happened with other tyres also. Coming off motorway I went round bend at 60mph and again front tracked really well and no problems with rear either.

Heading back home then, I took deep breath and pressed m button . I floored it in 2nd and car propelled forward with no problems. I pushed front going round a couple of islands and again no understeer.

I did floor it in 2nd coming out of one island and the rear came round SO easily but it was not snappy or scary - admittedly I was not expecting it to happen so quickly or easily but it was all controllable. What it told me was that you really do need all gizmos on if you want to push it and not look like Bo or Luke Duke, but if you do......

So in summary, I think the cup + are excellent tyres and will be more than happy to drive in wet with them. Obviously they are new and have their full tread depth of 4mm and clearly as this runs out, wet grip will too, but hey, that will be time to fit another set. I think they have made an excellent handing car into a awesome one and I will not be using anything else!