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Originally Posted by KanosWRX View Post
I Odd, it seems white people are the least racist people these days
I'm married to a Hispanic, and around a lot of them.
And gotta tell you, Hispanics and Blacks seem to be the most racial (racists) of them all. they often point fingers at white people for being racists, but in doing so, they are again showing THEY are in fact racists.
And time and time again, it's amazing how race plays such an important role in the black and hispanic community.
It's sad really.
There are so many black and hispanic organizations, clubs, events, awards, etc etc etc, and on and on and on.
But you'd never see a "white" only news channel or pro-white national organization, like the dozens and dozens there are for black and hispanic people.

It's no surprise that Hispanics voted mostly for Hillary.
I think Hispanics hate blacks more than they do whites. It's white people who give them their jobs and opportunities. They just fight and have wars with the blacks (especially the hispanic vs black gangs).

As it stands, this contest has become about race and sex anyway.
I guess black females are the group who'd be happiest either way. They see it as a win no matter what.
Again, that's the sad part. It should ALWAYS be about the best possible and most qualified person for the job (any job) not whether they are a woman, or black, or hispanic.
On the other end of the spectrum, it's white males who (as usual) get the short end of the stick. They can't claim sexual bias or minority bias. But ironically (or not so) that's what's thrown at (and used against) white males all the time now.

Anyway, that's off topic. And yes, it's a close race.
And again, as stated in my first post...the most qualified two that are running are Hillary Clinton and John McCain.