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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Seems what never existed in the first place is facts to back up your statements. Without proof, your statements are just opinions.

You conveniently forget that Clinton began his presidency with a sinking economy and huge budget deficit which he inherited from Bush 1. Although he is a democrat Clinton was a fiscal conservative. He used fiscal discipline to balance the budget and lower interest rates which jump started economy. He encouraged private investment and investment in technology with a global perspective. Under the Clinton administration more jobs were created than under Reagan and Bush 1 combined. He even passed welfare reform. Ironically Clinton turned out to be more of a fiscal conservative than the Republicans who preceeded him.

For the record, I'm not a big Bill Clinton fan, for instance I think it's clear NAFTA was a big mistake, but your statements about his record have just been factually incorrect. You're letting your hatred for Bill blind you to the facts. Next you'll probably deny that Bill Clinton presided over the longest economic expansion in US history. But if you do deny it, be sure to bring some facts to back up your statements, or should I say your opinions.

Well, we agree that NAFTA was a bad idea, and we're not Clinton fans.

I wouldn't, however, call Clinton a fiscal conservative - he presided over and supported the largest tax increase in history to cover his excess spending. When the economy hit high gear with the internet boom, those taxes produced more revenue than even the most liberal democrat could spend.

I don't hate Bill. I just don't think he did a very good job, and he left us holding a bag of shit going into the 21st century. Regan invested in the space program, military and incentivised companies to expand R&D. That's what gave us all the gee-whiz technology that fueled the productivity boom, new jobs and GDP expansion during Clinton's time. Bush 1 was a boob, just more reserved and less noticed than Bush 2. What did Clinton do to promote economic expansion during and after his presidency?

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