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I just added last nights numbers again, this time from USA Today, I even included FL below which I shouldn't have. (MI wasn't included as Obama wasn't on the ballot there and the state isn't counted anyways)

Obama has 8,310,532
Clington has 8,519,855

Now if you take out FL...

Obama has 7,741,602
Clinton has 7,662,911

I copied and pasted the results in excel, so no math errors

All in all a very close race, i'd pretty much say its a tie by popular vote, event though Hillary has more Delegates right now. It will be awhile before we know who the true winner will be that's for sure.

As for the race votes, I think blacks were going with Obama by about 70-80% but Hispanics were doing the same for Clinton by about 70-80% (I didn't know she was from Mexico, haha). At least that's what I heard on CNN last night. Odd, it seems white people are the least racist people these days
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