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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I'm glad Clinton got the big states last night.
Had the primaries been as they SHOULD be with winner take all, and the person with the most votes wins, none of this splitting delegates BS and certain states get more delegates than others, some (like Flordia) get none.
It's a manipulating BS way of nominating someone, and choosing our President as well.
Had the PEOPLE's voice REALLY mattered, Al Gore would of been our President for the last 8 years.
I don't know what's so difficult with making it the choice of the PEOPLE to choose the winner.
In every other aspect of voting, the majority rules and wins.

Oh well, our little voices mean so very little anyway and get less and less, and big business and the rich pay for their voices and get stronger and stronger.
God I wish what you said was true. If it was Obama would be winning right now.

I added up last nights numbers off and here they are

Obama 5,600,941
Clinton 4,891,715

So if you truly believe in the popular vote, Obama should be winning.

As for Florida getting none, blame the Democratic Party, before the polls everyone agreed it would not count so some people didn't campaign there. Clinton going back and now saying count it because she won is just stupid, you can't break the rules after the polls just because you won. Just makes me hate Hillary even more when she says stuff like that.
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