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Originally Posted by chicagobimmerboy View Post
Wait till the GS-F comes out (2011) by that time the F10 M5 should be out
GS-F: 500 HP V10
M5 (next-gen): 600+ V10

No competition, considering the F10 5 series will be lighter and more dynamic than this one. Toyota came too late, and as for that LF-A super car... anyone remember what happend to the NSX (was on competitive for only a model year or so)
As much as i like the NSX, The NSX was underpowered and overpriced. At the time it was out, you could get cars with similar power and performance for half the price. The choices where Supra TT, RX-7, Vette, 300ZX, and 3000GT VR-4 just to name a few. Toyota is not too late, it's never too late. They've already come out with a decent performer with the IS-F that matches the competition. It's just a matter of will it sell.

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