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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Very interesting to read. In many ways me and you are alike then. I also pray to God and confess sins to him. I dont pray to anyone else or confess sins to people hoping to be forgiven. You are also right that there are other consequences apart from forgiveness. For example, if you steal something and you ask for forgiveness you still need to give the thing back to it's rightful owner.

The only real difference between me and you is that you believe Prophet Jesus (AS) to be God and that he died for us. You also believe that his blood saves you...

But if I could just make a small point here. I hear a lot of Christians telling me they are born again in the blood of Jesus Christ and they live a new life. Can I ask what the significance of that is? The reason I ask is because all religions convey a message of being peaceful and righteous etc.

What I'm really trying to say is, what makes you 100% sure that Prophet Jesus (AS) is who you claim he is, what makes you 100% that his blood saves you?
You speak of Prophet Jesus; to me He is not a prophet; He is the Son of God; sent to earth in earthly form so that we may come to know Him; just as I spoke earlier about Jesus explaining to Nicodemus about baptism on the Roman Road; He told him ye must be born again; In the OT there was always sacrificial animals before Christ; Christ (Jesus) was the ultimate sacrifical lamb; he shed His blood on calvary to save a wretch like me; this is where the washed in the blood of Christ comes in; I did not have to shed blood to be saved by grace, Christ already did that for me. The very scripture that was earlier spoken about John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He sent His only son that whosover believes on Him shall be saved. Everyone makes this out to be so much more complicated than it really is. God tells us in His word that unless you come to him as a little child (with blind faith) you cannot be saved. We must take some things at His word for the Bible tells us that some things we will never understand on this side of Heaven.

A simple childlike prayer recognizing Christ as being born to save us from our sins and that He rose on the third day after death. If we believe upon His name, ask forgiveness for our sins, and we can go to heaven. Oh how simple this is to refuse this and spend eternity in hell. Some people do not believe there is a literal hell, but it is such a sad sad mistake on their part. Now this prayer of salvation is just the beginning of your Christian walk. You must be serious about this prayer and your life after it should reflect you are a Christian by what you "bear in fruit" (do in His name)...Church, giving, fellowship, the way you act and speak, all bear witness of your new life in Christ.