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Originally Posted by gadget View Post
2 years is a long time, but like they say, good things come to those who wait.

I think that the key aspect for me is that the mods are done by the dealer and the warranty remains in effect. I would argue that the delay is partly driven by extensive reliability testing. Something most other mod companies don;t do.
I would be careful with Dinan for a few reasons:

1. The gains they state are often way exaggerated.
2. The BMW warranty is infact voided. You are then under the Dinan warranty for said installed Dinan part at a Dinan service center. This can be found in the Dinan warranty information.
3. I wouldn't put all your eggs in the "reliability testing" basket. They are, afterall, the same manufacturer that was too short sighted to put an intercooler on their Stage I S/C for the e46 M3 - which was never well adopted due to the fact of overheating potential being through the roof.

I would wait until some of the aftermarket parts are "guinea-pigged" around and proven to show results, but that is just me.

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