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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
too much FAKERY going on here. have you seen the plastic cover that looks like an engine? it hides a horrible looking mess of wires, excuse for an engine. speaking fo the engine its a worked over (by Yamaha, not Toyota) LS460 motor.
I agree about the looks of the engine but then again the M3s engine is not the best looking engine nor the best looking part of that car. I'm not so sure why folks dis the Lexus engine because it is based on the LS460 motor and because it is massaged/partially tuned/partially devleoped by Yamaha. They make some really mean, high hp/l street bikes that rev to 17.5 k rpm, yes that is 17,500. If you read a list of the innovations and tech. behind this engine I think it is quite respectable. Sodium filled valves - that is cool. Furthermore the M3 V8 is really close to the M5 V10 that is getting a bit aged, simply with two cylinders lopped off. Of course it is a new design but is it in many ways REALLY close to the M5 under the hood.