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Originally Posted by Mx3 View Post
My Top 6:
1. Performance (quicker acceleration)
2. Versatility (3 ways to drive, paddle shift, full auto, or gear shifting sequentially)
3. Ease for traffic driving
4. No clutch depression bodes well for not worsening my chronic back issue any further
5. Less shifting effort than in MT allows you to concerntrate on others things as you rapidly go through the gears and allows you to pay better attention on redline shifting etc..
6. Launch Control

Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post

1. for the less skilled driver
2. for the video game kids
3. for those tha must work for a living
4. for the eldrerly
5. for the those with poor concentration
6. again for the less skilled video gamers. but rally I am jealous cause BMW could provide a launch control for the 6MT.
1. For those that truly want to go and be faster, strip, track and street.
2. Who the heck wouldn't one want an automatic like tranny SOMETIMES.
3. See #2
4. If it works better for some, all the better.
5. See #1 above.
6. See #1 above - consistency is the name of the game in launching and I am sorry but computers can do it better than you. Now whether or not the US get a crippled LC, that is another matter. If so it will likely be something one can circumvent with software.