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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
I don't see the current international relations failure of the U.S. as a result of the Republican party, as much as I see it as the result of the Bush presidency.

I think a shitty democratic candidate could screw it up just as much, but I think it would be less likely.

I'm not a proponent of the Republican ideal of ‘Lets give the rich a bunch of money and sooner or later they will piss some of it to the poor.’ Trickle down theory is a crock.
I agree that Bush is too much of a cowboy for the rest of the world, and his foriegn policy certainly angered many. But I also don't agree with leaving people like the Taliban and Sadam Hussein to do as they please. That's how Hitler grew his power base.

I also don't think that the government is the best place to send our money to improve the welfare of the country. They've admitted over and over, through one privatization program after another, that private industry is more efficient. We do plent of gov't contracting, where they look to our industry (and many others) on how to do things better, cheaper and quicker.

It's private industry, specifically small companies, that drive job growth in this country. If we want to grow the job market, we need an environment that promotes job growth. I don't advocate "giving the rich a bunch of money", but make it desireable for people to start companies, and make it desireable for those companies to invest in people and equipment, and the economy will grow.

If I'm not mistaken, it was Clinton that negotiated NAFTA and started exporting jobs?

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