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Anybody but Romney.

In the debates Governor Mike Huckabee was routinely asked questions about his faith as a Christian to try to embarrass him. He answered the questions. Governor Willard Mitt Romney was given a pass. He was not asked about his faith as a Mormon.

The speech that Willard Mitt Romney gave was one to tell the press that they can't ask him about his Mormonism. It had nothing to do with dealing with the concern he would be a puppet for the Mormon Prophet of the LDS Church. It didn't answer questions about how he would regard women in the workplace. It didn't deal with Mormon doctrine against people with dark skin.

Since Willard Mitt Romney believes that he will be a god of his own planet because of his good works, and since the judgement of his works depends on Joseph Smith and being guided by the Mormon Prophets, what degree of influence will the brand new Mormon Prophet have on his decision making (whether this influence is over or whether it is covert)? Since a Mormon Prophet has as much influence on the LDS Church as the 12 apostles in the New Testament Bible, we increase our leadership risk with a Mormon President. Romney already proved that what he says in the campaign doesn't translate in the least to what he says in office. It is frightening to consider some of the possibilities.

If Israel rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem, could a Mormon leader seek to take his seat in the Holy Place? They are called Latter Day Saints. Certainly they believe we are in the end times. What do the prophesies say?

Governor Huckabee hasn't been a Baptist preacher since over 12 years ago. How about Mitt Romney? When was he a LDS Stake President? What is his status in the LDS church now?

"Romney himself has served as a stake president, an office loosely akin to that of a Catholic bishop. This fusion of laity and clergy means that rank-and-file Mormons are bound to the pronouncements of church leaders in a way that Catholic parishioners are not -- indeed, rank-and-file Mormons often are the ones implementing church policy."

What is the relationship that Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid have to the LDS Church? Are they also stake leaders? I don't know about them. In any case, in congress they are not leaders. The President of the United States is a leader. If we had a majority in congress who were LDS, then I might worry about that. I am sure I have voted for Mormons in Idaho state and local government, and probably for Idaho representation in congress. I have not had adequate answers to reasonable questions (I may be a little more informed than the typical voter about Mormons).

Finally - these questions I have asked have nothing to do with any other campaign. These questions are a few that I would have about Willard Mitt Romney no matter who else was in the race.

I resist the deception. A wolf in sheeps clothing will not get past me (I hope).

If Willard Mitt Romney were the Republican Party nominee, the Democrats would have a hay day. It would be a slaughter.