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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Although I don't need a journalist to tell me proper diction I am glad that someone whom many respect and believe to be somewhat impartial chose the exact same word that you (gbb) wanted to argue about for pages.

Again, like I've always said, a very fast car, a nice car but with some serious flaws and not anywhere close to the M3.
If you would've look before you open your mouth, you would've found out that i posted a photo proving once and for all that the exhaust is not connected. And again, look up the meaning of the word "fake". So how exactly would you prove and justify that it is not anywhere close to the M3 if they have'nt been compared with each other yet? So far, straight line performances are pretty close, let's just wait and see till they are compared before you make another "conclusion" that has no proof. MOre than likely the M3 will win especially when it comes to handling.