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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Intelligent adults should be able to disagree without resorting to name calling, don't you think? Be grown and defend your argument by backing it up with facts. So far all you've done is state an opinion which seems to be based on nothing but your hatred of Bill Clinton.

It's pretty well documented that George Bush inherited a surplus from Bill Clinton. It's also well documented that George Bush has turned that surplus into the largest national debt in history. If you claim otherwise let's see some facts to back it up.

I bet you he also thinks that all W said during the State of the Union Speech is true...
Bush is a lier, crook and a war criminal and should be treated as such.
He completely ruined the future of MANY children in this country, and is DIRECTLY responsible for deaths of more than 5000 of US soldiers in Iraq...

He blew through the surplus in no time and keeps wasting our money daily and dumb ass republicans loyal to him only see the tax breaks of today and do not realize what is going to happen in the future...