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Advantages of DCT(not in any particular order, except the first):
  • DCT is THE single option that will make the car have better performance, straights and twisties (it is very close to a 6MT with 440 hp and 320 ft lb torque)
  • DCT is customizeable through software (perhaps both BMW and other)
  • Manual modes via paddles and stick and automatic mode for traffic jams, comfort or inexperienced drivers
  • DCT allows one to focus on more cerebral and challenging aspects of performance driving
  • DCT provides better fuel economy
  • Launch control should be fun, fast and consistent
  • No "money shifts" with DCT
  • DCT is race technology for the road and BMW claims it is designed for race level "abuse"
  • Rev matched downshifts
  • The inherently smooth shifts with DCT may provide less shock and better wear of some transmission components
  • Clutch pedals are so 1950s

Advantages of MT:
  • Simplicity and perhaps reliability
  • False pride in your rowing abilities enabled by MT