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Well after 800kms, mostly through twisties I am oh so glad I went for the 6MT.

In bumper to bumper traffic the manny is an absolute joy to drive, very smooth and forgiving, apples and oranges I suppose, but compared to my Subaru, in traffic it is a beautiful box. There is so much power in this car you don't need to row through the gears all the time, there is plenty of torque at 2000rpm in the top gears without needing full pedal travel to give acceptable acceleration.

Get onto the twisties, select Sport Plus Power mode and you have yourself a beautifully responsive throttle coupled with excellent placement of the pedals allowing easy, crisp and satisfying heel-toe blipping on the downshifts.

I spent several hours through the twisties yesterday with a friend sitting next to me and another on a 750cc sportsbike and the sheer joy of sweeping through the corners and shifting smoothly up and down really proved to me that figures like 4.8 or 4.6 and all the graphs, shift times etc mean very little, in my world anyway.

Perhaps its just me, but I do notice this car attracts attention and in traffic I quite enjoy letting other drivers scream away from the lights and abuse their clutches, rear tyres etc whilst I jost potter along.

Gimme a twisty and the manny over a straight and the DCT anyday!!!

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, I am not trying to tell anyone they are wrong, don't flame me!!!