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This is amazing

I own an 08 c6 z51 and a 335 vert. I spent two days at the nurburgring F-1
track and the NS with the New M-3 ( 6 spd manual)

The C-6 is faster and will out lap the M-3 easily. on the longer NS the Corvette is somewhat squirley, and not as easy to keep on the road as the M-3. The Corvette in 08 has 436 HP and is considerably lighter than the
M-3 The C-6 6Mn Z51 will do under an 8 and the M-3 over an 8

Read all the reports you want, make all the computer models you want and
then drive both, ummm the c-6 is just slightly slower than a Ferrari 430 !

The M-3 is a great car, I ordered a sedan with the DCT, nicest 4 door you could scare the hell out of people with
TELL me what real drivers training do you have besides your State Drivers License ?